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Keeping your digital inventory synchronized with lab closets, drawers and boxes

LabSuit is out of sync with your inventory Uh Oh! It’s been a while since you last updated your LabSuit inventory, so it no longer reflects an accurate picture of your lab’s closets, boxes, and drawers. No worries! We’ve seen this many times, and it’s easily fixed. No way around it: it’s time to take a short break and rearrange your inventories. In this article I will describe how to do so in an efficient and quick manner. Update LabSuit inventory with Excel First of all, I assume we already have our inventory with LabSuit. We want to leverage that fact and build up our renewed, updated inventory on top of an existing one. There are two options The inventory can be updated directly in LabSuit The inventory can be updated in Excel and then re-imported into LabSuit. We will focus on second option. Download the inventory Excel file. After opening the Excel file you will see at least one spreadsheet. The  exact number of spreadsheets will depend on