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A fruitful way to engage your mobile camera with lab orders management

In general, institute regulations require us to keep Delivery Notes of orders we make. In addition, having access to all Delivery Notes helps us avoid double orders. Surprisingly, keeping a Delivery Note might be a challenging thing. In Ben Gurion university it’s solved by WhatsApp messaging group, where all Delivery Notes are poured. Naturally, the Delivery Notes get lost. In LabSuit Delivery Notes and orders are always kept together. We empowered LabSuit users to take snapshots of your Delivery Notes with smartphones and instantly attach them to respective order in LabSuit! So here it goes! You don’t need to install anything from AppStore or Google Play! Just point your mobile browser to LabSuit and you are good to go! Every order item has a button "Attach Delivery Note". Tapping that button shows up "Take Photo or Video" menu.   Just point your front camera at the Delivery Note and take a shot! Having uploaded the image to