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Lab members at Roee Amit lab at Technion found a clever way to bridge the gap between the lab bench and the computer desk.

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about how LabSuit is used on a mobile device, and how its mobile camera can facilitate your lab requests management . Some time ago on a casual visit to one of Technion labs, our team member found something interesting. Researcher work is split between the lab bench and computer desk Research is conducted in many different environments. Usually, we see researchers wearing white lab suit and protective goggles. After the experiment is conducted, the analysis phase steps in, which requires a computer  desk to work at . Activities, such as scientific conferences, also can be very fruitful and important. Nevertheless, most of the work is split between the bench and a computer desk. Unfortunately, the switch from the bench to the computer and vice versa isn't that quick because of protective gloves the researcher wears and distance in-between. Much of the work is done on the bench  The examples list is endless:  Whether you are distilling titaniu