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Order awaits receiving longer than usual? LabSuit is here to help!

Problem   It's an essential part of the lab manager's duty to track if ordered items are delivered in a timely manner. Though it sounds like a simple task, it's not easy to execute, because of the multiple responsibilities lab managers have. In addition, it's not always clear, when an order item is supposed to be received. Solution Luckily, LabSuit has a creative solution for that. LabSuit uses a data-oriented approach.      For that approach to work,  a lab member needs to order a few times from a specific vendor. Eventually, LabSuit knows how fast the order is marked as received, the more orders are made from that vendor, the more accurate an average time-to-receive is. For example, let's say a lab manager ordered 17 items for a specific vendor in the past. Based on this historical data, LaSuit knows that items from that vendor, on average were marked as received after 8 days, which pretty accurately describes how things are working at that specific lab. So if it
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Sigma-Merck and LabSuit join hands to provide labs with an improved chemicals purchasing experience

After a long waiting, we are happy to announce a collaboration between LabSuit and Sigma-Merck! To begin with we say a big Thank You to the Israeli Merck Group team and german team altogether! This milestone brings Merck's products catalog into the Labsuit Vendor platform.   Starting today, all lab members that have been using the LabSuit platform to manage lab inventory and requests are able to browse thousands of Merck products without their leaving their favorite lab management tool.   Real-time availability from Rehovot, Israel distribution warehouse  All Sigma-Merck granted discounts are reflected in LabSuit  Rich products data embedded into inventory items Real-time availability Sigma-Merck brings thousands of products available immediately from its warehouse in Rehovot. In order to take advantage of it, LabSuit has a " Sort by Availability " selector. With this control enabled, products that ship directly from Isreal show up first. All Sigma-Merck granted discounts

LabSuit Orders management even more versatile! We add support for Partially Received Orders

As we often say, many of the great ideas that we implement in LabSuit come from LabSuit users. Out users occupy different positions at their labs and that gives us a 360° overview on labs' needs.   This time, following another valuable feedback we added support for the case when the order is received, however, it comes in two or more batches, e.i. received partially. When that is the case one would specify how many units were received, so LabSuit would remember how many units left to be received. When the rest is received, the whole item is marked as received. Big Thanks to David, LabSuit user from USA.

New!! Freezer box support added.

This is a big day for Biology Labs, who store their antibodies/plasmids/etc. in freezer boxes. From now, a researcher can easily map all his inventory items into virtual freezer box LabSuit now supports!!! Yes, that is super cool! You're welcome to watch this short explanatory video and get excited the same way as I'm now! You're more than welcome to leave your comments here!

Flexible and powerfull inventory export

We have a very friendly and loyal research lab in Norway, who gave us another fruitful idea. When one is exporting inventory listing into Excel, the currently selected filters should apply for Excel as well.  For example, if you are exporting a specific location (yellow closet, let's say) or a specific type (Cell Culture), this would result in Excel to include only relevant inventory items! Simple, yet very useful! Thanks to our users from Norway!! It's now functional!!

Drag and drop attachments into order request

Following multiple feedbacks from our users, now LabSuit allows attaching files just by dragging them and dropping them in order requests screen!  

Use email message templates when you send orders to purchasing coordinators

Recently, we added support for templates in the purchasing coordinator screen. That means that you could save your custom messages and wording for a different purchasing coordinator that work to facilitate research at your lab. It's easy to reuse existing templates and even more easy to create new ones.  Please leave us questions about anything in LabSuit. We are very quick responders!