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Use email message templates when you send orders to purchasing coordinators

Recently, we added support for templates in the purchasing coordinator screen. That means that you could save your custom messages and wording for a different purchasing coordinator that work to facilitate research at your lab. It's easy to reuse existing templates and even more easy to create new ones.  Please leave us questions about anything in LabSuit. We are very quick responders!

Reordering? Track current request and past order altogether

New!  When you request again the same item, a new link allows you to navigate back to the original order, so it becomes really easy to track back your lab's orders.

New Students onboarding is time-consuming. Is your lab following a best practice?

In these first days of 2018, I would like to share my obesravationfacts LabSuit brought to my notion. Lab manager doing is responsible for many things in lab, starting with professional aspects and doing a bunch of administration tasks. Having talked with hundreds of lab managers, I'm very good aware how challenging it is. On top of these routine tasks once in a while new students arrive which require tutoring and help, which I call onboarding. Every piece of a lab routine requires explanation. Wouldn't it be awesome if there one part that that would work seamlessly easy, without all needless overhead and useless interrations?