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How to fight zombies and stay safe

Casual old Jaffa Last Friday we were casually strolling along the pier at old Jaffa. It was getting dark and drizzling weather made people find a closest cover. Despite the weather we enjoyed the views and watched late fishermen coming back from the sea. Then, a nicely dressed guy approached us and asked: "Do you want to fight zombies"? Invitation As a zombie movies lover, I found it interesting, though assuming the circumstances the invitation sounded at least strange. There some happy voices behind his back, and a person with a cup of coffee emerged form the building.  So we decided to plunge in! Unexplored playground Inside we found a playground for virtual reality lovers. There were several options, while I followed the host's advice to try a "zombies staff". To fully experience the fusion into virtual reality, I put on a virtual reality glasses.  Usually, I wear spectacles therefore I was a bit sceptic about the outcome. Nevertheless, with a

Solvent-resistant labeling stickers is our guarantee that the chemical will be identifiable for year to come

As long as barcode is not a feasible solution for many labs yet, LabSuit has it's own solution for chemicals labeling!  Meet solvent-resistant LabSuit labeling stickers!  LabSuit stickers will last for years and won't fade in the sun.  LabSuit stickers are solvent-resistant and if used with a proper marker-pen will save you hours of painful search for chemicals! LabSuit stickers play a role of connecting chain between your actual inventory and its digital representation! Having every bottle in your lab labeled with or stickers ensures you don't loose your chemicals tracks!   Did I say that we have a specially trained team of lab-fairies that will deploy LabSuit labeling stickers at your lab? Learn more about LabSuit lab fairies!

Planning to upgrade your lab? LabSuit team gives you a hand with that!

We recognize the difficulty of keeping your inventory organised, so we have come up with a new feature that will really simplify things! New lab at LabSuit? If you’re an academic lab and new to LabSuit, we invite you to import an existing inventory spreadsheet. LabSuit ensures that everything on your list is retained and easily accessible for your advantage. However, there might a chance that your existing list is already out-of-date, and does not reflect the actual inventory on your lab shelves. Then what do you do? Your lab is eligible for inventorization by LabSuit professionals  In that case, we offer you a LabSuit team member that will come to your lab and help you list your inventory. Over the past years, we have learned a lot about best practices for processing inventory, and our representative will pass along that knowledge accumulated, at the same time as actually listing your inventory! The tool kit is on us Our team member will bring with them all of

Getting excited at the Controlled Release Society Conference

Gala Dinner Party, ICRS meeting 2016. Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev. All rights reserved to ICRS.  What are friends for? Exactly three weeks ago, we had a spontaneous diving trip to Eilat with a good friend of ours, Eugene. Along with having fun in Eilat, we got some valuable feedback about LabSuit, since Eugene is a devoted user of our services. Having talked about many things, he mentioned that he is going to the Controlled Drug Release Society conference ( ICRS ). We picked up our friend’s excitement and decided to tag along to the conference too. What is ICRS? This biannual conference takes place in one of the most beautiful places in the north of Israel. To be more exact, in the very north of Israel, in Maalot- Tarshiha. Although, we’ve been running LabSuit for more than three years, it was the first time that we attended this unusual meeting. One of the pleasantly surprising things was that the organizing committee gave us a hand in admission and ticketing. Spe

Periodical inventory backups by email

Following the feedback from LabSuit users in Talinn, Estonia, we have simplified the way  LabSuit works in certain situations. Pavel Starkov , a PI from Tallinn University of Technology says: "Once in a while an Internet outage may occur,  but we need our inventory at LabSuit to be available offline as well". Impossible to overrate being said, we realized something has to be done. What we did is added automatic emails, that are sent out periodically and include your inventory back-ups (Excel file). To start off, there will be two options for emails periodicity: WEEKLY basis and MONTHLY basis. It's recommended to use the MONTHLY option, just not to blast you inbox, though if your inventory is updated often, for example daily, you may want to take back-ups on WEEKLY basis. The good thing about periodic inventory backups is that it's not limited just to lab managers, but every lab member can have inventory backups delivered to his/her email.

Keeping your digital inventory synchronized with lab closets, drawers and boxes

LabSuit is out of sync with your inventory Uh Oh! It’s been a while since you last updated your LabSuit inventory, so it no longer reflects an accurate picture of your lab’s closets, boxes, and drawers. No worries! We’ve seen this many times, and it’s easily fixed. No way around it: it’s time to take a short break and rearrange your inventories. In this article I will describe how to do so in an efficient and quick manner. Update LabSuit inventory with Excel First of all, I assume we already have our inventory with LabSuit. We want to leverage that fact and build up our renewed, updated inventory on top of an existing one. There are two options The inventory can be updated directly in LabSuit The inventory can be updated in Excel and then re-imported into LabSuit. We will focus on second option. Download the inventory Excel file. After opening the Excel file you will see at least one spreadsheet. The  exact number of spreadsheets will depend on

Search in LabSuit from any other site on the web

I love that very much! From now, we support Open Search, which enables our users to search their LabSuit inventory from any other site on the web! No matter what part of the web you are browsing right now, you can search your lab inventory in LabSuit directly from the current window. How? Type 'lab' in Chrome address bar and press TAB key  on your keyboard! Where is my TAB key ? Your address bar will change indicating, your search will be performed in LabSuit Go on typing your desired chemical, and click enter! Chrome will take you directly to LabSuit while searching for ' benzene ' What if I'm using Firefox? In Firefox it can be done with the same ease. This is another way of making your work even more efficient!

Labsuit Presents at Israel’s National Institute of Biotechnology in the Negev

Another Step Toward Integration in all Israel’s Universities Helen Domeshek presents LabSuit to staff of Israel's National Institute of Biotechnology Beer Sheba, Israel - May 2016 This week, laboratory workers, PhD students, and administrators from Israel’s National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB) at Ben-Gurion University attended an introductory presentation of Labsuit - with a view to integrating its comprehensive management tools into their laboratory administration. The Institute, a core part of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, is overseen by a Scientific Advisory Board whose members include, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Sir Aaron Klug OM FRS, and Prof. Raymond Dwek, Founder and Director of Oxford University’s Glycobiology Institute and its spin-off biotechnology company, Oxford GlycoSciences. “Being invited to such a prestigious organization is vindication of the potential of our tools,” explains Helen Domeshek,” join owner, and founder of Labsuit. “By using our c

Case study: social media comes to help to accelerate one's research

Even Lab Researchers have their WOW! Moments “Labs-Around-Me” is a sharing economy concept for the world of research laboratories. Such labs can share chemicals, antibodies, plasmids and more, with other labs around them. As LabSuit's concept of “Labs-Around-Me” has evolved, more and more researchers have experienced  amazing WOW! moments when they begin to understand the benefit of our platform. True Story This is a story of something experienced by a LabSuit subscriber not so long ago. As we all know, “Labs-Around-Me” allow facilities and researchers to participate in a special LabSuit community. The community includes hundreds of labs - and, through a simple interface, allows them all to collaborate in locating and exchanging chemical reagents. Events begin in December 2015 Every day LabSuit delivers hundreds of messages between universities - as well as internally, within the same campus. Researchers ask questions about chemicals, buffers,

New at LabSuit! Budget Consumption Reports!

  LabSuit has rolled out a new feature that helps labs control their budgets! Which in its turn, makes budget balancing easier. Every lab has funds related to different budgets/grants. Sometimes, the grant money is dedicated to specific research, which means that every expense made for this research has to be logged and attributed by its grant number. And LabSuit makes sure no hassle is incurred! Every time a lab manager receives an order request he verifies the grant number. In case the item needs different budget/grant or it's missing, the grant number can be updated with a single click! Thus, at the end of the day/month/quartile it becomes very easy to see the total amount spent for every budget/grant. LabSuit accurately sums up the amounts spent, while the items with no grant/budget specified will be categorized under " Unspecified Grant ". In the second column  we can see a number of items procured from respective budget. In addition, you can

Request more details about the order from lab member who submitted the order request

Update, Jan 2017: This feature is replaced by Order Discussions .