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Helen will share the insights that we learned from 600 labs

At the Biotechnology conference, Helen will share the results of a statistical study that we performed at LabSuit. Having analyzed more than 600 labs we discovered amazing facts regarding different aspects of lab inventory and orders management . What we discovered is that the ability to employ order-request-management and inventory-management systems fuzed together, e.i. at the same place, significantly reduces the number of double orders. We touched this topic before in one of the previous posts. You're invited to Helen lecture this Sunday, on December 17, 2017 at Israel Biotechnology conference.  The detailed conference agenda and speakers list can be found here . Come and learn what we found out and how it can be applied to your research group for better lab processes. Helen holds Ph.D. from Technion and she's  LabSuit  founder and  CEO. 

Fighting Sisyphean lab tasks with timely reminders. Order requests that aren't marked as received longer than usual would receive timely reminders!

Have you ever wondered what happens to your lab when ordered chemical arrives, but neither marked as received nor checked-in? Your lab gets into the deadly loop and inventory becomes out-of-date. With every new item that skips the check-in process, whole system integrity is compromised, which at some point will haunt lab members back. The solution We have great news for our whole lab community!!! Starting from today, LabSuit helps you to follow up on every order request! For example, let's say you submit a request for imidazole. At some point it's status is advanced to "Ordered", but never changed to "Received".  It's likely that the piece of a lab supply was received a long time ago, but no-one marked it as received. Or maybe the item is still stuck at supplier's site. When you have a lot of tasks to take care of, it becomes extremely challenging to follow up on these cases. Also,    sometimes  it may seem like a Sisyphean task.