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Lab Fairy gives his magical touch to Fernando Patolsky lab at Tel Aviv university

Every lab has its creative chaos. Often it seems as an integral part of a research environment, but when you're tight on time and have scientific papers to submit it will come to haunt you back.  Lab Fairy comes to solve this and turn your experience into more joyful! Why chemicals go astray? While every reagent in the lab should be in its place, the chemical will go astray exactly when you need it the most. The problem isn't unique to a specific lab, but typical to most of the labs.  We tried to track back the sequence of events and understand what was the point of no return for that chemical. The most common case is that the previous chemical user, didn't put it back. And why? Because its wasn't clear where the chemical should be placed and stored. Wow!! Prevent chemicals from getting lost in the lab The solution is pretty simple. Labeling each bottle with its location makes it really easy to return the chemical to its proper location. It's pure s