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Case study: social media comes to help to accelerate one's research

Even Lab Researchers have their WOW! Moments “Labs-Around-Me” is a sharing economy concept for the world of research laboratories. Such labs can share chemicals, antibodies, plasmids and more, with other labs around them. As LabSuit's concept of “Labs-Around-Me” has evolved, more and more researchers have experienced  amazing WOW! moments when they begin to understand the benefit of our platform. True Story This is a story of something experienced by a LabSuit subscriber not so long ago. As we all know, “Labs-Around-Me” allow facilities and researchers to participate in a special LabSuit community. The community includes hundreds of labs - and, through a simple interface, allows them all to collaborate in locating and exchanging chemical reagents. Events begin in December 2015 Every day LabSuit delivers hundreds of messages between universities - as well as internally, within the same campus. Researchers ask questions about chemicals, buffers,

New at LabSuit! Budget Consumption Reports!

  LabSuit has rolled out a new feature that helps labs control their budgets! Which in its turn, makes budget balancing easier. Every lab has funds related to different budgets/grants. Sometimes, the grant money is dedicated to specific research, which means that every expense made for this research has to be logged and attributed by its grant number. And LabSuit makes sure no hassle is incurred! Every time a lab manager receives an order request he verifies the grant number. In case the item needs different budget/grant or it's missing, the grant number can be updated with a single click! Thus, at the end of the day/month/quartile it becomes very easy to see the total amount spent for every budget/grant. LabSuit accurately sums up the amounts spent, while the items with no grant/budget specified will be categorized under " Unspecified Grant ". In the second column  we can see a number of items procured from respective budget. In addition, you can

Request more details about the order from lab member who submitted the order request

Update, Jan 2017: This feature is replaced by Order Discussions .