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Planning to upgrade your lab? LabSuit team gives you a hand with that!

We recognize the difficulty of keeping your inventory organised, so we have come up with a new feature that will really simplify things! New lab at LabSuit? If you’re an academic lab and new to LabSuit, we invite you to import an existing inventory spreadsheet. LabSuit ensures that everything on your list is retained and easily accessible for your advantage. However, there might a chance that your existing list is already out-of-date, and does not reflect the actual inventory on your lab shelves. Then what do you do? Your lab is eligible for inventorization by LabSuit professionals  In that case, we offer you a LabSuit team member that will come to your lab and help you list your inventory. Over the past years, we have learned a lot about best practices for processing inventory, and our representative will pass along that knowledge accumulated, at the same time as actually listing your inventory! The tool kit is on us Our team member will bring with them all of

Getting excited at the Controlled Release Society Conference

Gala Dinner Party, ICRS meeting 2016. Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev. All rights reserved to ICRS.  What are friends for? Exactly three weeks ago, we had a spontaneous diving trip to Eilat with a good friend of ours, Eugene. Along with having fun in Eilat, we got some valuable feedback about LabSuit, since Eugene is a devoted user of our services. Having talked about many things, he mentioned that he is going to the Controlled Drug Release Society conference ( ICRS ). We picked up our friend’s excitement and decided to tag along to the conference too. What is ICRS? This biannual conference takes place in one of the most beautiful places in the north of Israel. To be more exact, in the very north of Israel, in Maalot- Tarshiha. Although, we’ve been running LabSuit for more than three years, it was the first time that we attended this unusual meeting. One of the pleasantly surprising things was that the organizing committee gave us a hand in admission and ticketing. Spe