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Planning to upgrade your lab? LabSuit team gives you a hand with that!

We recognize the difficulty of keeping your inventory organised, so we have come up with a new feature that will really simplify things!

New lab at LabSuit?

If you’re an academic lab and new to LabSuit, we invite you to import an existing inventory spreadsheet. LabSuit ensures that everything on your list is retained and easily accessible for your advantage. However, there might a chance that your existing list is already out-of-date, and does not reflect the actual inventory on your lab shelves. Then what do you do?

Your lab is eligible for inventorization by LabSuit professionals 

In that case, we offer you a LabSuit team member that will come to your lab and help you list your inventory. Over the past years, we have learned a lot about best practices for processing inventory, and our representative will pass along that knowledge accumulated, at the same time as actually listing your inventory!

The tool kit is on us

Our team member will bring with them all of the materials needed to do an efficient and thorough job of listing your inventory. Unless your lab is using printed bar codes to label the bottles, the work cannot be done in a more efficient way!

Our team's experience spans over chemical, biological, medical and biotechnological labs, so no matter what kind of research your lab is doing, we have a solution for you.

We guarantee our rep will leave your lab with a perfect inventory order. Your lab might even win a place on our Top Organised Labs list!

Free of charge

The service offered is absolutely free of charge! 
It aims to ramp up your lab by having a perfectly organized lab, corresponding to a perfectly organized digital inventory, managed by LabSuit software.

Currently, the service is, available in Israel only.

So don’t hesitate, drop us a line just below this post.
We will be happy to schedule a meeting at your lab.


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  2. Oh My God! What a relief for lab professional. All the scattered work can be merged and made easy by using inventory spreadsheet. So, easy to make entry and will also have time to cope up with writing companies with the help of inventorization. Thank you.

  3. This is such an interesting post. We are greatful for whatever youv'e done. Thank you for sharing this post with us. Great job! net worth


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