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By mentoring Biztec teams, these people give back to community

Just yesterday I had chance of introducing LabSuit to a delegation from Moscow. The delegation came for a visit to Technion to see how things work and learn if they can find something applicable to their institute. Beyond overwhelming academic programs, they got introduced to Biztec, Technion's accelerator. I've been asked many interesting questions both about LabSuit (the institute they came from deals a lot with materials, so we had some common ground), and about Biztec itself. One of the questions still excites me (obviously it does, since I decided to write a blog post about it).
The person asked:
- I understand, that Technion Biztec accelerator is great, owing to numerous mentors, that themselves are Technion graduates in the past, often successful entrepreneurs and hold executive position in the companies they founded.
- Exactly! So they come to mentor young teams and their contribution is huge!  I said
- But how could that be? - he asked me. "A successful businessman doesn't spend his time in vain, in other words, in a business perspective, by mentoring Biztec teams  they waste their time, since they get no money reward, how could that be? " -  He asked
- Every successful entrepreneur realizes, that that his success comes form hard work and eternal devotion to what he's doing, but not only. In addition, there are many people standing behind him, part of an an ecosystem that made this  success happen. Therefore, by mentoring Biztec teams, these people give back to community, which is essential part of a being a successful entrepreneur and businessman.
That's was a short episode from my Yesterday LabSuit presentation.
Thanks to Biztec!


  1. Great answer!
    But I think, that you miss the point for a little bit.
    According to their mentality, success is the pointing on your goal. It means, that one who is succesful doesn't waste his time on growing up his children (his wife is in charge of it), on going to military service (since he gets nothing back) and so on.
    The dinners are used only as the tool for meating new useful peolpe, the holidays must be spent in the way that shows one's position in society.
    Moreover, did they ask you how does the mentor, who is in charge for big company, goes without security and hasn't got a Ferrary?

  2. :-)
    At the end of one of the mentoring sessions, the mentor rode with us at the back seat of our car between 2 child seats.
    You know this condition is far from Ferrary level :-)


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