Sunday, November 29, 2015

Please, welcome an improved workflow of orders management in LabSuit!

Recently we improved orders management module in LabSuit. 

Lets't take this classical case as a example. In a typical lab there are two persons responsible for ordering. The first just approves the order, which is then submitted to the order manage, who actually orders it. Usually these functions are strictly separated and often, this two people do not meet for a couple of days, for example a PI who is traveling and a lab secretary, who's most of the time is on campus.

The steps go as follows:

1) A graduate/PhD student enters a product, and chooses a) an approval manager and b) an order manager
2) The approval manager gets an notification and approves or rejects an order request
3) In the first case the order manager gets an notification and orders the product 
4) In the second case the user entering the request gets notified.
5)  A grad student/PhD gets the product delivered

The roles of a grad student, approval manager and orders manager are dynamic and fluid. In some labs grad students order for themselves, in some labs approval manager and orders manager roles are combined and one person performs these tasks.

LabSuit allows any of this configurations.

To make things quick and easy, an approval manager, would get an email with a big, green YES and and big red NO button to hit ;-)

Finally, every step that order's status is changed, for example form "requested" to "approved",  a change will be logged and available  for later inspection. Of course, email notification might be sent out.

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