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How to fight zombies and stay safe

Casual old Jaffa

Last Friday we were casually strolling along the pier at old Jaffa. It was getting dark and drizzling weather made people find a closest cover. Despite the weather we enjoyed the views and watched late fishermen coming back from the sea.
Then, a nicely dressed guy approached us and asked: "Do you want to fight zombies"?


As a zombie movies lover, I found it interesting, though assuming the circumstances the invitation sounded at least strange. There some happy voices behind his back, and a person with a cup of coffee emerged form the building.  So we decided to plunge in!

Unexplored playground

Inside we found a playground for virtual reality lovers. There were several options, while I followed the host's advice to try a "zombies staff". To fully experience the fusion into virtual reality, I put on a virtual reality glasses. 
Usually, I wear spectacles therefore I was a bit sceptic about the outcome. Nevertheless, with a headset on I felt pretty comfortable and it didn't bother me much! 
When Hi-Fi headphones were added, in a fraction of a second I got submerged in a completely new world where I was at the deserted construction facility full of zombies. 

The new reality

From that point, my imagination has gone wild! WHOOOO! I was in the middle of classical zombie scene! WOW!
Shadows mingling in the corners of a factory halls, weird whistling, someone is roaring, and only a flash-light on my pistol is my best friend in this situation!

The whole experience took about 5-7 minutes, while clothes that I wore  got wet! I think, my pulse was much above the average and the breathe pace just sky-rocketed!
As a result, I took out dozens of zombies!!! 
My sergeant at the boot camp would be proud of me!

I had so much fun! The toy-pistol weighted as a real one and the ambience was skillfully copied from the best zombie movies. 
I think, I got to love the virtual reality games!

Special thanks to Vortex - Enter the game, for that super cool experience!


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